Upgrading Connectify Hotspot: Features, Licenses, Step-by-Step Guide

Read below the ultimate guide on how to upgrade your Connectify Hotspot software on your Windows computer. 

Connectify Hotspot Version Comparison: Free vs. PRO vs. MAX

Upgrading Connectify Hotspot from the Free version to PRO or MAX

Connectify Hotspot can be used for free successfully to share Internet from WiFi and wired Ethernet networks, and it also includes the universal ad blocker. If you need more advanced features, you should consider upgrading to the PRO or MAX versions - see the comparison table above.

Here's how to upgrade from the Free version to PRO or MAX

  1. Visit www.connectify.me and click ‘Store’ in the top navigation menu
  2. Choose your desired PRO or MAX product from the Connectify Store offeringsstep1.2
  3. Enter the requested information and use any major credit card or Paypal to complete your order
  4. You will receive an email with your Connectify username and password
  5. Go to the Connectify desktop application, click Tools > Activate Licensestep1.5
  6. Click “Already Bought” and sign in with the login credentials you received via emailstep1.6
  7. Click your new PRO or MAX license to Activate Account

Upgrading Connectify Hotspot PRO to Connectify Hotspot MAX

If you already have a Connectify Hotspot PRO license and would like to get a MAX one, all you have to do is buy the Connectify Hotspot MAX license. It will be added to your account, separately from the PRO one. Learn more here.

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