Adblock and Connectify

Among the new features, we have added ad blocking capabilities, which will help Connectify Hotspot clients surf the Internet without any distractions from annoying ads, helping minimize the page load times and also speeding up the computers it’s running on.

What is Ad Blocking?

Almost every website you visit has ads, whether it's web banners, pictures, animations, videos, pop-up windows. This makes it hard for the users to get the info they want from the website, can slow down the computer's performance or even push malware. To a limited degree, most of the modern browsers offer some type of ad blocking (especially for pop-up windows). 

How to enable ad blocking with Connectify Hotspot

For the moment, ad blocking is only available to clients of a host computer running Connectify Hotspot. If you’re sharing your Internet connection via Wi-Fi with other devices, those client devices can cruise the Internet without any ads.

To activate the ad blocking feature for the clients connecting to your hotspot, just make sure the “Ad Blocker” option is enabled in the “Firewall” section of Connectify Hotspot when you log in.

The feature is available for free along with Connectify Hotspot free version.

As long as the box next to 'Ad Blocker' is checked, all of your connected devices will not be bothered by ads.
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