How to Sign in & Activate Connectify Hotspot

If you are not sure how to sign in or activate Connectify Hotspot please follow this quick guide. Click here to watch the tutorial to show you how to activate your Connectify Hotspot License. 

Step 1. To activate Connectify Hotspot you will need to click ‘Tools’ at the top of Hotspot’s UI. Under the ‘Tools’ menu, you will want to select ‘Activate License’.

Step 2. Of the 2 options select 'Already Bought' to continue to the below screen.

Step 3. To activate your license you will need to sign in by entering your account information you received after purchasing Connectify Hotspot. If you have forgotten your password simply click on the 'FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?' link to reset it. 

Depending on your account purchase history you may have multiple licenses (see below). Multiple licenses will not fit on the screen at once so you will be given a scroll bar to select the appropriate license.

You will also notice that you will not be able to activate an older version license with the most recent Connectify Hotspot as the license will be grayed out. If you are a paid user of a single specific older version, you can take advantage of a special in-app discount to upgrade to the latest version of Connectify Hotspot.

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