Guide: How to Share your VPN Connection over Wi-Fi

Connectify Hotspot turns your PC into a virtual router and allows you to share your Internet connections with all devices. So, why not share a secure Internet connection while you're at it? Here are 4 steps to get all your devices connected to the VPN you’re using:

  1. Be sure you have your VPN program installed before running Connectify.
    If you're not sure which VPN to choose, we recommend going with a mobile VPN such as Speedify, that can also combine multiple connections at the same time.
  2. Download and install Connectify Hotspot. 
  3. Start Connectify and choose the 'Wi-Fi Hotspot' option. 
  4. From the 'Internet to Share' drop-down menu in the app’s main window, please select your VPN’s virtual adapter - it usually includes the word 'virtual' in its name.

You are now sharing the VPN Internet connection with all other devices.

Be sure to check out the video below on this as well, to learn how to share Speedify VPN over WiFi with Connectify Hotspot:

Don't forget - with Speedify, along with VPN encryption for your online data, you're also getting a faster and more stable

If this doesn’t work, here are some things to check:

Note: If you have a premium version (PRO or MAX) of Connectify Hotspot, you can also choose how to share the VPN Internet Connection - via Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connection.

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