What should I choose for 'Internet to Share'?

From the "Internet to Share" dropdown menu, you will see the available sources of the Internet that you can share. The source selected here will be the one through which hotspot clients will connect. If a source is not listed in the dropdown menu, Connectify Hotspot cannot identify it as a functioning device or connection. Hotspot also provides a 'Help Me Pick' link that will automatically select an adapter that has a connection to the Internet and can be used. In addition, it will also tell you why it picked that option. 

Note: If a source has 'PRO' listed next to it, or you see 'PRO/MAX only feature', that means it is unavailable in the free version of Connectify Hotspot but is available to those with a PRO or MAX license. 

There are a few special connections listed here that are not "real" connections:

  • Selecting 'No Internet sharing' will allow you to broadcast a wireless network without allowing clients to connect to the Internet through your computer. This is useful if you would like to create a local area network for accessing nearby computers without necessarily granting them access to your Internet connection. 
  • Selecting 'Automatic' is a PRO/MAX feature, which causes Connectify Hotspot to change the Internet source to the best one available automatically. This means that Connectify Hotspot will, for example, switch from an Ethernet connection to Wi-Fi if a cable becomes unplugged and then back to Ethernet when the cord is plugged in again. 
  • For users with Speedify fast bonding VPN installed, a Speedify Virtual Adapter entry will show in the dropdown. This allows users to run Speedify software to share their Speedify connection with Hotspot clients. 
  • For users with Dispatch, a Dispatch entry will show on the Internet to Share list allowing them to share the aggregated Dispatch connection with Hotspot Clients. 

If nothing is listed beside 'No Internet sharing' and 'Automatic' and you are sure that something should be listed there, another program may be interfering with Connectify Hotspot (or its drivers), preventing it from discovering available sources. Programs that affect the way your computer interacts with networks might be causing it. These programs include firewalls and security suites, and often the only way to figure out which is causing the problem is to investigate each one. Try disabling and/or uninstalling programs that fit this description. 

If you determine that a particular program is preventing your connections from being listed, please let us know so that we can create a workaround or otherwise resolve the issue.

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