My devices frequently disconnect

There could be a number of things causing your Hotspot to be unstable. Below are the most common reasons: 

1) Your wireless drivers could be out-of-date. We recommend updating your wireless drivers from your wireless card manufacturer's website or the computer manufacturer's website. 

2) Your wireless adapter could be turning itself off. Some Wi-Fi adapters will power themselves down when their main connection isn't up, and they don't realize that they are still being used as an access point. By default Connectify disables the Power Management option for you. For some users enabling this option is a lifesaver and for others disabling this option is better. In the Network Connections pane (via Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> change adapter settings) right click on your wireless adapter choose 'Properties' -> click on the 'configure...' button -> then the Power Management tab. Try unchecking the box if it's enabled or checking the box if it's disabled. 

3) There could be wireless interference. There are no natural sources of radio noise in the Wi-Fi band, but there are plenty of man-made sources. If you have a microwave oven in the house, it's using the same 2400MHz band as your Wi-Fi, and might cause interference. Some types of cordless phones, game consoles (particularly the X-Box 360), some television video transmitters, etc. all use this band, because unlike most radio bands, it doesn't require a license. And the most likely source of all: other WiFi devices can interfere with Connectify Hotspot. 

Using a tool such as  Wifi Analyzer for Android or inSSIDer, you can view the networks around you. You might be able to fix your problem simply by moving things around. Your Connectify Hotspot will use the same channel as the WiFi network your PC is connected to, so changing the channel settings on your router will also change the channel of your Connectify Hotspot.

As a suggestion, you can try setting a static IP address for your device. In Hotspot click on the Clients Tab, right-click on your device and then choose 'Set Static IP Address'. Hopefully that helps. 

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