How to Disable Adapter Power Management

Some Wi-Fi adapters will power themselves down after a while when the wireless connection isn't active. They don't realize that they are still being used as an access point. Here are 2 ways to disable the wireless (Wi-Fi) adapter power management on Windows PCs:

Method 1 - Using Connectify Hotspot

  1. In the Connectify Hotspot main screen - go to Settings > Advanced.
  2. Enable the option 'Disable Adapter Power Management'. 
  3. Restart Connectify Hotspot.

Method 2 - Through Windows Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings
  2. In the Network Connections pane, right-click on your wireless adapter and choose 'Properties' then click on the 'Configure...' button
  3.  Click the Power Management tab then uncheck the box if it's enabled or checking the box if it's disabled then press 'OK' to save the settings.

  4. Restart Connectify Hotspot.
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