I get 'Microsoft Hosted Network could not be started or 'Could not start Microsoft Hosted Network'

Microsoft Hosted Network is a Microsoft Windows feature used by Connectify to create access point mode Hotspots. This function is highly dependent on Windows being up-to-date, but also on your wireless drivers. 

The most common reason you may see errors related to Hosted Network are due to out-of-date wireless drivers. Unfortunately, Windows does a poor job of keeping drivers up to date, so often times you have to manually update your drivers or use a tool that will help do it for you. However, we strongly recommend looking for drivers by visiting the wireless device or computer manufacturer's website. If you are unsure on how to get your driver information we'll be glad to help you. Just generate your logs from the Help menu in Connectify and then send your zip file to, support@connectify.me. Be sure to state you are experiencing Hosted Network Issues when you email support.

You can also try manually starting the service yourself. Open a  Windows Command Prompt as Admin (in the Start Screen / Menu search for ‘CMD’ -> right-click on the icon that pops up -> select ‘Run as administrator’) and enter the following:

'netsh wlan start hostednetwork'

The command prompt should then show "The hosted network started". After that, try starting Connectify and see if that helped.

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