I get 'Microsoft Hosted Network could not be started' or 'Could not start Microsoft Hosted Network'

Microsoft Hosted Network is a Windows feature used by Connectify to create access point mode Hotspots. This function is highly dependent on Windows being up-to-date, but also on your wireless drivers. Here are some things you can try to get a functional Connectify Hotspot: 

Fix the Issue by Updating Your Wireless Drivers

Unfortunately, Windows does a poor job of keeping drivers up to date, so often times you have to manually update your drivers or use a tool that will help do it for you. However, we strongly recommend looking for drivers by visiting the wireless device or computer manufacturer's website - learn here how to update your wireless (Wi-Fi) drivers: https://support.connectify.me/article/354-how-to-update-your-wireless-wifi-driver

Start the Hosted Network Service Manually

You can also try manually starting the service yourself. Open a Windows Command Prompt as Admin (in the Start Screen / Menu search for ‘CMD’ -> right-click on the icon that pops up -> select ‘Run as administrator’) and enter the following:

 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

The command prompt should then show "The hosted network started". After that, try starting Connectify Hotspot and see if that helped.

Use Wi-Fi Direct If Hosted Network is Not Supported

If you don't get the confirmation message above ('The hosted network started.') or get a message saying that hosted network is not supported, then you have to use the Wi-Fi Direct service instead. 

Go to the Connectify Hotspot user interface - Settings - Advanced and select the 'Prefer Wi-Fi Direct' checkbox. Restart your hotspot afterward. Connectify Hotspot should be working.

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