I get the 'AP Mode Not Supported' warning

If you see the 'AP Mode Not Supported' warning in Connectify Hotspot, it is likely that your wireless device does not support Hosted Networks (also known as AP mode). We recommend purchasing a USB Wi-Fi Adapter with support for Hosted Networks. These adapters are usually very cheap and widely available.

OR: Try updating the wireless drivers on your device

Please be sure to check that you have the latest drivers installed for your wireless device by visiting the wireless card manufacturer's website or the computer manufacturer's website. Learn more about how to update your Wi-Fi drivers here:  https://support.connectify.me/article/354-how-to-update-your-wireless-wifi-driver.

You can check for the driver version as well as AP Mode compatibility by opening the command prompt and entering the following command: 

 netsh wlan show drivers


Microsoft Surface Users: The Wi-Fi adapter used by Microsoft Surface tablets (all versions), the Marvell AVASTAR, does not support Hosted Network. Older drivers for this card reported that they support Hosted Network. However, all attempts to start Hosted Network fail. Microsoft has confirmed that these cards do not support Hosted Network. If you are running Windows 10, Connectify can create a hotspot using a Surface tablet by using Wi-Fi direct. Connectify is the only Windows hotspot software to support the Microsoft Surface tablets.

Some common wireless adapters that do not support Hosted Network/AP mode are:

  • Intel 3945 ABG 
  • Intel 4965 AGN

Unfortunately, AP mode is not supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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