What do these NAT errors mean?

If the Connectify Troubleshooter displays errors or warnings related to Network Address Translation (NAT), try the fixes below for each one:

The NAT is not running

This error is rare, and means that the Internet sharing service of the hotspot is not running even though the hotspot is broadcasting and accepting clients. To correct this issue, please try:

  • Stop and restart Connectify Hotspot.
  • Check that Connectify Hotspot is not being blocked by antivirus or security software. Make sure that Connectifyd.exe and ConnectifyService.exe are not blocked from running. As an alternative, try temporarily disabling any antivirus or security software to check if it is interfering with Connectify.
    Learn more about configuring Connectify Hotspot to work with firewall and security software at https://support.connectify.me/article/7-how-do-i-configure-my-firewall-to-work-with-hotspot.
  • In worst case scenarios, you may have to uninstall your antivirus or security software suite. We recognize this step leaves your computer unprotected. However, it is a crucial step in some cases. And in those cases, it quickly eliminates or confirms a conflict between the antivirus or security software program and Connectify Hotspot. With the availability of numerous antivirus or security software products, getting rid of the problem and installing one that works is a relatively easy solution to pesky issues.
  • Restart your computer

The NAT does not have a valid upstream (internet) configuration.

The configured ‘Internet to Share’ device either couldn’t be found, or its properties could not be read. This would result in no Internet access for hotspot clients. To correct this issue, please try the following:

The NAT does not have a valid downstream (hotspot) configuration.

The hotspot adapter’s properties could not be read. This would either lead to no Internet access for clients, or clients may not be able to connect to the hotspot. To correct this issue, please try:

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