Adjacent or Overlaping Wireless Channels

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When using adjacent channels, two separate Wi-Fi base stations (access points, or Hotspots, depending on your terminology choice) can interfere with each other. When stations don't overlap, but are adjacent, it can affect performance when one or both of the networks tries to exceed somewhere around 40 Mbps. This is due to the 2 channels being close enough to interfere, but not close enough to know they're interfering with each other. When channels overlap, (i.e. channels 1 and 5) there is a different characteristic and a different warning in Dispatch. Given that Dispatch tries to accelerate your Internet, we wanted to make sure you were aware if there was some sneaky environmental condition that would be dampening the overall performance.

To fix this warning, you should change the access point channel (to 1 and 11 for example). If the access points are not at your control, you just need to be aware of the limitation.

So on your router you'll need to log into the admin console. This should be accessible via your web browser by entering the IP address of the router, which is usually found on bottom of the router. The address of your router will depend on the brand of router you have. Below are some common brands and their default IP address:

Linksys -
3Com -
D-Link -
Belkin -
Netgear - http://192.168.0

Once you've logged into the router's admin console you'll need to change the Wi-Fi channel. For further information on how to do this configuration on your router, you will need to consult the relevant documentation for your router.

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