How do I fix Duplicate IP Range?

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If you see the above warning message in Dispatch this means that you are connected to two (or possible more) networks that share the same IP range. As a result, this may lead to decreased performance, problems loading webpages and other issues. 

To fix this, you will need to change the IP address of one (or more) networks you are connected to, to something different. The number that should be different is the 3rd octet (the second number from the right in the IP address). For example:

In the above picture there are two networks on the same IP range of 192.168 .2.1. The '.2' or 3rd octet in the IP address is the number that should be different. Since there are only two networks I only need to make one of them different. Therefore, in your router you should change one of them to '' or '' 

So on your router you'll need to log into the admin console. This should be accessible via your web browser by entering the IP address of the router, which is usually found on bottom of the router. The address of your router will depend on the brand of router you have. Below are some common brands and their default IP address:

Linksys -
3Com -
D-Link -
Belkin -
Netgear - http://192.168.0

Once you've logged into the router's admin console you'll need to change the IP address. Here's a really brief guide that might provide some guidance:

For further information on how to do this configuration on your router, you will need to consult the relevant documentation for your router.

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