How many machines can I install Connectify Hotspot on?

The free, Lite version of Connectify Hotspot can be installed on as many computers as you want.

If you bought a single license, you may run Connectify on 1 machine at a time. If you are changing computers or your old computer crashed, simply uninstall Connectify from your old computer. If your old computer is no longer functional, do not worry. As long as you no longer run Connectify on the old computer, we will stop counting it against your machine limit. We allow you to go over your 1 machine limit briefly each month so that you don't have to worry about closely managing your installations as you set up your new computer. We do however reserve the right to revoke your license if you are abusing this policy. This is meant to make it easier to transfer a single license between machines, and is not meant to allow you to use a single machine license on multiple machines.

If you have a 3 machine license and want to transfer a license between machines, simply uninstall Connectify from the machine you do not want to use. Like our single licenses, we allow you to go over your 3 machine license for short periods of time in order to make moving a license as painless as possible.

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