Gaming Mode

With the release of Connectify Hotspot 2017.3, Connectify now better supports game consoles in Routed mode. Gaming Mode will forward the TCP and UDP ports necessary for online play on game consoles when a client connects. This happens automatically for clients we detect as game consoles. Clients will obtain NAT Type 2/B/Moderate as long as the Internet being shared does not restrict available ports to NAT Type 3/C/Strict. Sharing a VPN such as Speedify may help get around port restrictions on these networks.

If your client shows up with a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo icon, as seen below, Connectify has detected this is a gaming device and will automatically forward the appropriate ports for it's online network.

If your game console isn't recognized automatically, you can manually select the network type by selecting Gaming mode from the client's context menu, accessible by right-clicking on the client. You can also disable Gaming Mode on a client this way.

Only 1 device of each network type can utilize gaming mode at a time. If you have 2 connected at once, you can control which device gets port forwarding by setting the other device to Disabled. It will still have Internet access, but may only obtain NAT Type 3/C/Strict.

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