Emojis and Connectify

Use emojis to give color to your Connectify Hotspot

You can use Emoji's in your Hotspot Name.  Any emoji can be used, including any of these: 

😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣  ðŸ˜Š 😇 🙂 🙃 😉 😌 😍 😘 😗 😙 😚 😋 😜 😝 😛 🤑 🤗 🤓 😎

Just choose your favorite emoji(s) from the list when you are setting up the hotspot’s name. 

Using Emojis in 3 steps

1. Click on the Emoji Icon next to the text box under Hotspot Name

2. Choose your emoji

3. Click 'Start Hotspot' to view your named hotspot with the chosen emoji.

Things to Know About Emojis

  • It's Unicode!  You can use any of the standard languages or emojis.  
  • Most computers and phones support Unicode and emojis. (Windows 7 computers, for example may see the emojis as a little jumbled in the network picker) 
  • You don't have to use our little emoji keyboard.  Windows 10's onscreen keyboard has a nice emoji mode! 
  • You can cut and paste emojis from sites like getemoji.com and emojifaces.org if you want.  
  • How they look depends on the software that's looking at them. So iPhones show slightly different images than Android or Windows for example. They will ALL look better than the text box that we have right now that only shows the black and white. 

Have fun!

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