Will Dispatch accelerate my VPN connection?

Dispatch is no longer being sold as we have transitioned to Speedify (https://speedify.com/). Speedify is a completely new product, separate from Dispatch. Whereas Dispatch was a load balancer that could only help with downloads using multiple connections (BitTorrent, or downloads using a download manager), Speedify is connection bonding, with support for combining more types of Internet connections and works for more of the things you do online, including regular file downloads, video streaming, and uploads. Try Speedify for free today!

Unfortunately, no, this is not possible with Dispatch. Dispatch can not accelerate VPN connections, it only load balances traffic across multiple adapters. Some VPNs that open multiple sockets won't work when those sockets are split onto different Internet connections. 

You would want Speedify ( https://speedify.com/) instead, which can split even single sockets across multiple connections.

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