Installer Options (via CMD / Command Line)

The Connectify installer supports several command line arguments.


ConnectifyInstaller.exe [[/EXPRESS] | [/NONINTERACTIVE]] [/CONFIG=<config.dir>] [/LICENSE_EMAIL=<email>] [/LICENSE_PASSWORD=<password>] [/LICENSE_KEY=<key>] [/NOUI]  [/REGION=<region name>] [/ACCEPTPOLICY]



Installs without waiting for the user to accept the license agreement.  See the NONINTERACTIVE and CERTTRUST options below for even fewer interaction options.


Indicates that the Connectify installer should run with no user interaction, whatsoever.  Note that visible windows will still appear throughout the install process, however, they will not require any interaction from the user.  This automatically includes the CERTTRUST option to remove the driver confirmation. By using this option you are agreeing to accept our privacy policy.

Note that NONINTERACTIVE will not do the final reboot if it is required, nor start the user interface at the end of the install.  You must assume that a reboot is required before attempting to use Connectify Hotspot.  If you use /FORCEREBOOT along with NONINTERACTIVE, then the installer will reboot at the end, if it is required.


Name of a directory with Connectify configuration files.  These files are installed in c:\ProgramData\Connectify\settings

The main reason to use this would be to configure one machine with all the options that you want on all of your machines.  Then copy the correct .xml files from the settings into a directory that is available to the installers on the other machines.

Note that if there are spaces in your path, you need to quote the whole argument including the /CONFIG.  For example

ConnectifyInstaller.exe "/CONFIG=c:\path with spaces\config\"

In most cases, the only files which make sense to have in the config directory are the username.ui.xml, and daemon.xml.  Backup files should not be copied.  This cannot be used to move a license from one machine to another.  Use LICENSE_EMAIL and LICENSE_PASSWORD to pass login information in.


Passes in the email address of the Connectify account whose license is being used.


Passes in the password for the Connectify account that is specified by the LICENSE_EMAIL argument.


Passes in a license key.  To fully authorize a machine, all three LICENSE_ options should be used. 


Indicates that the installer should set Connectify's user interface to not run.  This both makes the installer not launch the user interface when complete, and also makes the installer not register the user interface to start on user login.  


If a reboot is required, the installer will immediately reboot without any warning or interaction from the user.


Sets the region. Valid values are africa, americas, asia, europe, or oceania.


Accepts the privacy policy.

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