Why does Hotspot say ‘No Internet Detected’ or ‘No Working Internet?’

Connectify Hotspot turns your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can share any other Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or wired Internet connection already available to your PC. In other words, your computer already needs a working Internet connection for Connectify Hotspot to share Internet with other devices. If your PC currently has no working Internet connection or is set to use an adapter without a working connection, you will see the 'No working Internet' warning under 'Internet to Share' in the Connectify user interface.

This warning means that Connectify Hotspot could not detect a working Internet connection on the device you selected for the ‘Internet to Share’. If this message is displayed and you continue to start your Hotspot, it is highly unlikely that connected devices will be able to access the Internet. To setup Connectify Hotspot with a working Internet connection follow these simple steps:

1. Connect your PC to the Internet

If you haven't already, please connect your computer to Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Ethernet or another connection to the Internet as you normally would. If you've checked and your PC is already connected to the Internet, move on to the next step.

2. Make sure the 'Internet to Share' dropdown is set to the right adapter

Click the 'Internet to Share' dropdown and select that adapter with your working Internet connection. The icon to the left of each adapter tells you what type of Internet connection it is. So, if you've connected your computer to a Wi-Fi network, the appropriate adapter will also have a Wi-Fi icon. If you're not sure which adapter to choose, click on the 'Help me pick' link to help you determine which adapter has a connection the Internet. Once you've set your 'Internet to Share' to an adapter with a working Internet connection, the 'No working Internet' error will disappear and you should be able to start your Connectify Hotspot and share Internet with all your other devices.

Note: If your computer's only Internet connection is a 3G or 4G device, you have to upgrade to Connectify Hotspot PRO or MAX to share your mobile broadband connection as Wi-Fi. Click here to learn more about our premium features and upgrade today!

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