Hotspot's status is always 'Service Down'

Click “Start Service” and if after fifteen seconds the Connectify Hotspot UI does not come out of the “Service Down” state, there are a few things you should check:

  • Is .NET enabled? You can check for this by going to the “Start Menu” and searching for “Turn Windows Features On or Off”. In this dialog, scroll down until you see “Microsoft .NET Framework”. Make sure the box next to it is filled in with either a check-mark or a block.
  • Are you running a non-administrator user account? The service needs to be started on an administrator account. Connectify will set up the service to automatically start when the user that installed Connectify logs on. Other administrator users can start the service via the “Start Service” button in Connectify, but standard users can not.
  • If running on a Windows Server version, make sure that the Wireless LAN Service is installed. You can install this by going to Add Features in the Server Management window and selecting the Wireless LAN Service to install.
  • If you have just upgraded Windows, you may need to uninstall Connectify and reinstall the latest version of Connectify.

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