How do I get a Lite+ License?

The following steps show the process of getting a Lite+ License by using Facebook. The Lite+ License gives you 14 days of unlimited up-time in Connectify!

Go to:

When the page opens you will have the choice to share on Facebook.

After clicking the 'Share' button, a popup window will open that takes you to post your comment. Make sure that your popup blocker is not blocking the window from opening.

After posting, the popup window will close and the page will refresh to a form that you can fill in with your name and e-mail address to get the Lite+ License. The information will be sent to your e-mail address, so please make sure you type it correctly on the form. If you don’t see a your Lite+ license in your inbox check your spam / junk folder.

To activate your license plus license you will need to click ‘Tools’ at the top of Hotspot’s UI. Under the ‘Tools’ menu you will want to select ‘Activate License.’

Click already ‘Bought’ at the next screen and then login with the account information that was sent to your email address after you signed up for a Lite+ license. From the list select your Lite+ License and click the ‘Activate’ button to activate your license.

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