Why did you remove the Share Over option?

With Connectify 9, we got rid of the Share Over dropdown and instead replaced it with two buttons at the top of the UI, because it was a cause of confusion for a lot of users. While the previous versions allowed you to select a particular adapter in the Share Over dropdown, this was actually misleading. In AP or Wi-Fi Hotspot mode, Windows automatically decides which adapter to use when creating the Hotspot through its hosted network feature. If you want to guarantee which adapter is used, you can disable the other wireless adapter when starting the Hotspot.

We understand this is a desirable feature, but so far we have no been able to find a way to do this. The hosted network does not give us the option for which adapter to use. You can manually work around it by disabling the other wireless adapter so that it only has one option to use when starting the Hotspot and then enable the other adapter after that.

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