How to fix when Android is stuck "Obtaining IP Address..."

Occasionally Android devices will get stuck with a message of "Obtaining IP Address..." when joining a hotspot.  This is a bug in Android, and not a Connectify Hotspot specific problem.   Android gets stuck using an IP Address which is not in the right range for the hotspot, and ignores the "DHCP NAK" messages from the router that tell it to use another address.  In Connectify Hotspot, you'll see the Android appear to connect and disconnect over and over.

Unfortunately, even doing "Forget network" does not clear the correct settings.

To fix this error follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to your Connectify hotspot.
  3. Long press on the connected network and select Modify NetworkLongPress
  4. Check Show Advanced Options.
  5. On IP Settings drop down menu, select Static.  
  6. Assign IP of your choice but leave other variable untouched. 
  7. Join the Connectify Hotspot.

This should solve the obtaining IP address error. Make sure you select a unique IP address so that it won’t conflict with other connected devices.

To find the IP address of your hotspot, mouse of the name of the hotspot, it will appear in a tooltip bubble.  Here it is  Use this as the Gateway in the Android Wi-Fi settings.  Pick a number a couple higher on the last digit for the "IP Address", here, perhaps

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