How much data has my client used?

Starting with Connectify Hotspot 2015, you can see statistics about how much data each of the clients on your hotspot has used. After connecting a device to your Hotspot, go to the Clients tab and click on a Connected Client to expand the statistics section. 

The "Download Usage" and "Upload Usage: show the total data the client has sent through your hotspot, in bytes (B).  The Speed statistics show how fast the client has been uploading and downloading information in the last few seconds, shown in bits per second (bps).   The Speed numbers jump up whenever the client starts sending or receiving data, then falls back to 0 when it is not using your Internet connection.  The Usage numbers only go up, climbing to count the total ever sent by that client. 

Please note that the Usage stats are measured in bytes, and Speed stats are in bits per second (8 bits to a byte).  So 8 seconds of 1.0 Mbps of Speed, add 1.0 MB to the Usage.  

If you mouse over the name of the client, there are a few more statistics that are available in the tooltip.  Such as 

  • IP, Name and MAC address:  Network address information about this client,
  • First Connect: The date and time of the first time the client connected to your hotspot,
  • Connections: The number of times that the client has joined your hotspot.  Note that devices like mobile phones tend to jump onto and off networks to minimize battery usage, so this number can get big fast, and
  • Time Connected: The total amount of time this client has ever been connected to this hotspot.

The Usage statistics are saved over time and do not reset when the client disconnects. This allows you to see how much data a client has ever used on your Hotspot. Once a client disconnects, it will show in the Previously Connected section, where you can still view the statistics about that client. If you want to reset the statistics about a client, you can right-click on the client in the Previously Connected section and choose Remove.

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